Grant Manager - Public Information Coordinator

Diane Miller
Grant Manager
Public Information Coordinator

The Grant Manager seeks to find another agency (Private, State, or Federal) to buy or do something for the City that it would normally not be able to afford. The way grants work is that granting agencies put aside a lump sum of money for a specific purpose. For example, the EPA puts aside hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly for cleaning up estuarine and shell fishing waters. Then they put out an RFP (Referral for Proposal) that says who can apply, what the money must be used for, and how much is required to be contributed by the agency applying.

The City (or a department within the city) applies to a granting agency for that specific purpose. In exchange for that agency awarding the grant, the City must put 25%-50% (depending on the agency and opportunity) toward the cost of that purchase or service. The granting agency gives 50-75% of the cost.

Keeping track of all ongoing projects, when the reports are due to whom, and which agency requires how much documentation is the job of your Grant Manager. While keeping track of the grants we have been awarded, we’re always looking to apply for more. If you are a member of a large organization that awards grants, please let us know about the opportunity!

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The Public Information Coordinator stays in regular contact with the news media including print, radio, and TV. The information for public release is sent from City Hall to the news media for public service announcements, inquiries into daily business of City of Havelock departments, upcoming events, and information passed on to the City from State and Federal officials.

The Community Summit of 2006 was very helpful in directing us to keep you more informed and keep more open lines of communication. This office is the one that designs and connects you to the Havelock Connection, your local newsletter that comes in your water bill and the Havelock e-Connection available exclusively through the website. Hopefully, this newsletter will be coming regularly to help keep you informed of current events. Your comments on the Havelock Connection can only help us deliver what you need.

The Public Information Coordinator becomes the Public Information Officer when the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated so that there is a "single portal" approach to information being disseminated to the public. The EOC is activated for local and regional emergencies such as hurricanes and winter ice storms.