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Finance Department

The Finance Department, located at City Hall oversees the daily financial and accounting operations of the City and is regulated by the provisions of the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act. They maintain the City’s accounting and financial reporting systems to ensure compliance with Government Accounting Standards, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and within the guidelines issued by the Local Government Commission.

The primary operations include accounts payable, payroll, purchasing, financial and accounting reporting and cash management. The Finance Department oversees the annual budget process and assists the Manager with budget management and preparation. They are responsible for reporting, monitoring, and the financial projection of all city grants. Additionally, bidding, banking and auditing services along with Property and Worker’s Compensation insurance falls under their control.

Also, included within the Finance Department is the Revenue Collections Department. This department handles all revenue including utility payments and miscellaneous revenues. The Revenue Collection department is also responsible for utility account billing.

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